“Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.”
– Alan Kay.

Hi! My name is Amir Rachum and I’m a Software Engineer. Computers are one of the most important aspects of my personal life, as well as professional. They are what I love doing - using, experimenting, getting excited with how cool they are.

You can contact me at amir@rachum.com

I consider Python my main programming language, though in my current job we mostly use C++ (I don’t like it nearly as much). I love Vim as an editor, but it’s 2016 2018, so I use its keybinding with PyCharm, CLion or occasionally Sublime Text. I love Linux for work and Windows for pleasure (i.e., Civilization V). When using Linux, I’m a zsh guy, but bash is also fine. I used to use c-shell, but everyone says it’s considered harmful, so I stopped.

I also use some Java, sometimes for Android development, but it’s been a while. If you put a gun to my head, I might be able to remember some languages I toyed with in University, such as C#, ML, Prolog, Squeak, Tcl or Matlab. Though their paradigms stayed with me, the syntax knowledge did not.

Methodologies are important to me. Even on one-man projects I’ll use source control (I like Mercurial better than Git, but I’ll use Git for open source because - GitHub) and whatever Continuous Integration tool I can get my hands on (Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis-CI). I have several years of experience with Scrum, but I’m not a stickler - the methodology should adapt for the team, not the other way around.

I organize my life with Getting Things Done and I use My Life Organized to do that.

I am a member of PyCQA - Python Code Quality Authority. It is an unofficial organization that is an umberalla for various code quality tools for Python, such as pylint, pycodestyle (formerly pep8), pyflakes and more. I am in the PyCQA due to my ownership of pydocstyle (formerly pep257).

Read more about pydocstyle in my list of projects.

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