PEP257 - a static linter for Python docstrings

PEP257 is a Python Enhancement Proposal that centers around docstring conventions.

If you’ve been using Python for a while, you must have heard about PEP8. PEP8 is a Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP) that lays down conventions for how Python code should look like. There’s also a project that enforces the PEP8 conventions by reading Python source files and outputting a list of errors in your code. Well, PEP257 is a lesser known PEP that centers around docstring coventions.

Since last November, I’ve been the maintainer of - a script that enforces these docstring conventions in the same way that enforces regular coding conventions. was authored by Vladimir Keleshev, who was kind enough to give me the reins for the project.

On June 1st, I gave a lightning talk about PEP257 at a local Tel-Aviv meetup called PyWeb-IL. It’s a once-a-month meetup about everything related to Python, web development, and more.

Click here to view the talk slides

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