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A few years ago, I was a real proponent of Google Desktop. I used it every time I wanted to open a file on my computer. Just hit Ctrl-Ctrl, type in something and get immidiate results. For some reason, however, I noticed that time after time, Google Desktop stopped providing me with good results. I don’t know what happened, but a lot of times it just didn’t find the files I wanted. I gave it a grace period of a few months (with several computers), but something was broken.

Right now, I’m using Launchy and Windows 7’s Start menu search to look for things on my computers. But since then I started to think how what I really wanted isn’t just a file name/content search. What I need is a tagging system for files. I started searching for such a system, but most solution required too much work on my part to manually tag all of my files, or use custom bloated explorer windows to navigate through them.

I think there are some minimal requirement from such a system:

One of the inevitable problems with the software currently available is that your tags are specific to your computer. I know, I can’t think of a reasonable way to deal with this either, except using some sort of universal file wrapper format which stores tagging metadata. I guess the only way we can really enjoy the full benefits of file tagging is when a new OS paradigm will emerge that’ll replace good ol’ directory structure with native file tagging. 

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