Pydocstyle - Python Code Linter for Docstrings

Pydocstyle is a docstring linter for Python. It parses Python code and emits docstring convention violations.

It is my largest side project and a big step for me in the open source community. Pydocstyle (formerly pep257) was originally authored by Vladimir Keleshev. I opened some PRs until I was appointed maintainer and finally, received full ownership.

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Jools - Java Tools

A Java library for different utils, including generating permutations on a list of objects and Python-like ranges.

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Sky Hiking - Android Game

My first game for the Android. In Sky Hiking you will join a team of adventurers trying to ride a hot air balloon! Each turn, a different player will be the pilot and will have to pay a number of cards determined by a dice roll. The other players will then decide if they leave the balloon for victory points, or stay and risk crashing. As the balloon goes higher, you can get more victory points, but the risk of crashing grows. Are you willing to push your luck?

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