Moving up the Android Ladder

This post is a few years old now, so some details (or my opinions) might be out of date.
I would still love to hear your feedback in the comments below. Enjoy!

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 which used to run CyanogenMod 7.1, until a few days ago, I encountered some issues. So, I decided to live on the edge and install the nightly version of CyanogenMod 9. Yep, not even a release candidate when I installed it (there is now). That’s just how I roll.

Well, instead of doing some in-depth review or talking about the future of the Android platform, I’ll just do this one fun and fast:

Stuff I Like about CyanogenMod 9 / ICS

Stuff I Don’t Like About It

That’s pretty much it. You can probably guess my recommendation is to install it right away.

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