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I read stories from Hacker News every day, I’m subscribed to Jeff Atwood’s excellent Coding Horror, I check out people’s profiles at StackOverflow and wherever I see someone’s About Page it always says “Hi! I’m X, the creator of Y”. There’s always a public product they’ve developed that they can talk about. I want that for myself. I haven’t been a software engineer for too long. I worked at Intel for 3 years as a student, developing internal software. My current job is also developing internal software. Nothing to show off to the world.

Hi! I’m Amir Rachum, the creator of ???

I want to get something done. It doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be complete. I’ve started many projects over the years, most of them unfinished. Doing the hard, algorithmic part is fun. Finishing it off, not so much.

Currently, I’m working on an Android implementation of the board game Cloud 9. It’s not a difficult game to implement. It’s fun, it’s easy and my goal is to finish it and ship it. To psychologically help myself, I have already created and payed for my Android Market (fine, Google Play) developer account. Okay, I admit it. A simple implementation of a silly board game isn’t something to be particularly proud of. What I’m hoping to get from this is the ability and experience of getting a product out there and see how it feels. I’m hoping it’ll be a great experience that’ll help me doing grander things in the future. Wish me luck.

P.S. this is how my user screen currently looks like (very much a work in progress):

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